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"Eric G. has the Voice & the Moves!"

2014 & 2015 MIFA Top 50 Recipient

Brian Bacon




Summer 2016

​the Producer.

Tagalog Radio Singles

     Eric G.' s Highly Anticipated 3rd Album is in the oven and will be ready to satisfy everyone's musical appetite this Summer. 

     From his US Radio Single "Good Day" to his Tagalog Tunes "Jack N Poy" and "Sarap Ng Buhay" which he geared specifically to hit the all important 'Kilig Factor' that Filipinos embrace, Eric G. embodies the evolvement of a true artist; writing the melodies that just feels good to sing and hear. 

     From Enlgish to Tagalog, Rock to R&B, Pop and even those slow loving ballads, the BLACK & WHITE Album showcases his ability to shift gears with each song, for the love of his fans!


                              "Eric G. Is a total entertainer.                                   His own song compositions are food for the soul and inspiring. Eric is a superb dancer and his quality of voice is fantastic. My listeners absolutely adore Eric! We will support you all the way to the moon and back! Go Eric!!

the Songwriter.

MIFA Most Influential Fil-Am / Recognized by Hollywood's Blogtalk with MJ Racadio

"ON THE RISE" GMA Kapuso Abroad

Mabuhay Music Radio



Eric G. performing at CCF Pasig, Philippines

Kuh Ledesma 35th Anniversary in Showbiz Concert

Who is Eric G.

* Stations set to place 'Jack N Poy" in rotation upon release.  more to be added.

Mabuhay Music Radio

what music lovers are calling

"Perfect Hybrid of Pharrell's 'HAPPY' and 

Bruno Mars 'UPTOWN FUNK'

"Eric G. Epitome of pure passion and dedication to his God given talents. I pray the world discover your heart of gold. Blessings!"

-Philippine Pop Diva, Kuh Ledesma

"OMG! Galing!"

Eric G.

Top 10 Artist of the Year

Tate Music Group 2010


International Performer


DJ Regina Sosing

Tinig Pinoy Radio 


 "Jack n Poy" is a sure hit for both young and old!  Taking a classic Pinoy nursery rhyme

       and making it a hip with a hop!!!"

"Total Package ready for Big Time!"

Bobby T. Yalong / ASJ 2014​

 US Radio Single

"Triple Threat Artist"

Arnold Pedigral/ TGF

Eric G. serenading the contestants at the Miss Philippines Quest at Symphony Space in Harlem, NYC.

the Performer.